He loved big brother

He patted his shoulder and smiled. The look on his face gave him a sigh of relief. The last statement he made was, ‘ don’t worry, Gideon. Everything is gonna be ok’.

Prince was the elderly brother of Gideon. They had lived inseparable for years after the tragic death of their parents. They had no one to lean on from their youthful age so they served as each other’s companion. Gideon was a weakling so his elder brother always had to give him the maximum protection he needed. He always took him to his music practice and made sure to help him rehearse back at home. Michael always saw his brother as a role model. ‘ Big bro, when I grow up one day, I will make sure to become a responsible person as you are, and also try to teach my family in the same way’ , said Gideon. Prince looked as his younger brother and breathed heavily....’ Hmmm.... if only mum and dad were alive’.

It was getting nearer and nearer; the audition for the next top act in school. Gideon was not certain he would make it to the next round of the audition. Even though he had rehearsed for a very long time, it seems he was lacking an element that would be needed at this stage. That’s inspiration. Prince however made sure his brother could count on him in times of need. He was not going to let his brother down this time round. Every morning, he helped his brother to go through his piano practice and even got down his own lyrics to suit the sound of the rhythm Gideon produced. Soon, Gideon could feel the aura surrounding his performance that he knew it was his time to make a breakthrough.

The day finally arrived. Lots of people trooped in the auditorium because it was one of the biggest events on the school calendar. Everyone one made sure he did his best to put out a great performance on that day. Gideon was the second contestant for the day. Backstage, he was feeling nervous the thought of him putting on a bad performance made him tremble. The first contestant went up stage and gave a thrilling performance. Claps of thunder echoed the auditorium as Gideon also began to follow next. ‘ What if I fail? What if everything goes wrong? ‘ Wild thoughts ran out of Gideon’s head that it could even be read on his face. Prince, noticing that his brother was looking blue, patted his shoulder and smiled. All he said was, ‘ Everything is gonna be ok ‘. That was what Gideon needed. He turned and gave Prince a tight hug. ‘ What could I have done without you? , he said. He loved his brother very much and had faith in him. In the end, his performance was marvelous and it was like a dream come true.

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