Blitz poem

Long hair

Long fingers

Fingers with nails

Fingers that are lithe

Lithe and graceful

Lithe like a dancer

Dancers that spin

Dancers that twirl

Twirl in circles

Twirl around

Around and around

Around the town

Towns stopped

Towns frozen

Frozen because of her

Frozen solid

Solid and stable

Solid and beautiful

Beautiful like the sky

Beautiful and pretty

Pretty blue eyes

Pretty red hair

Hair that is silky

Hair that is smooth

Smooth like butter

Smooth and slick

Slick and slippery

Slick and clean

Clean and shimmering

Clean black coat

Coat that is black

Coat that is long

Long and velvety

Long, down to her ankles

Ankles of a stallion

Ankles covered by heels

Heels that clack

Heels that poke

Poke the ground

Poke the carpet

Carpet that is red

Carpet that is fluffy

Fluffy like her hair

Fluffy like a dog

Dogs and cats

Dogs on leashes

Leashes that control

Leashes that tie

Ties in her hair

Ties on her wrists



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