Hidden Under Hickeys

At the start I was told he was broken,

But that's okay I can glue him back together.

But he'll complain and ignore you,

I'll just bring up the weather.

I can fix him,

That's what everybody says.

I'll just clean all the scars,

What if it was him that made the mess.

What's that purple ring on your arm?

Progress that he's better.

He says his ex made him like this,

Have you ever even met her?

Sometimes he's sweet and gives me soft little kisses

Thats's only because hickeys hide bruises.

he appologises though and gives me pretty things,

Not every fight can be resolved with cruises.

He says that he loves me and I know that it's true,

He lied when he said he wants her.

Have you ever thought and wondered that your a victim,

When does a man become a monster?

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