Only In Fairytales

No one can love someone as much as I love you,

No one can get as warm as I, when I see your eyes full of blue.

I like to think that we are made for each other but sadly I was wrong,

It’s hard to think that one fight can mess up what we had for so long.

Every time I see you with her, my heart hurts like it’s getting ripped apart,

But I could never hate her, she is literally a work of art.

I should of seen it coming I’m not even half as pretty as she is,

When you looked into my eyes you saw silver but when you look into hers you see a golden abyss.

I will always finish second because with her there is no competition,

Just a single glance and you are wrapped around her finger just like a magician.

I don’t want to get over you, I want to be there in your arms just like we both know I’m meant to be,

But you seem much happier now with her as my replacement, you have already gotten over me.

The worst feeling is seeing someone you used to love and talk to every day become a stranger,

But let’s face the music; I’m still in love and when the feeling isn’t reciprocated I’m in severe danger.

No one will ever love you as much as I and that is the sad truth,

You will never see me the same way as you see your precious youth.

Because the love we had was like the stories they tell in fairytales and maybe that’s where it should stay,

Somewhere in a book where all real feelings are mute and locked far far… away.

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