"I need you to listen very carefully. You don't know me, but I know you.", a voice whispered from the darkness. Dr. Stevens stiffened. When he agreed to this assignment, he knew it would be dangerous, even life threatening. Still, he wasn't quite prepared for all the horrifying encounters he'd had. Visions of his loved ones being tortured and killed, monsters attempting to attack and slaughter him, mysterious labyrinths that seemed to never end. He'd been in Tenebris for almost a week now. It wasn't anything like he'd expected. The world seemed to be a vast void of nothingness. It was pitch black. Dr. Stevens couldn't see anything unless the world revealed that thing to him. Multiple times he'd wanted to give in, run away to find the nearest exit. Yet he'd come this far, and could make it further. His mission was nearly at its end, and whoever it was speaking to him would not stand in his way.

"Who are you?", he asked the unknown voice. He was answered with evil cackling. "Dear sir, can you not wager a guess?" After thinking for a moment, Dr. Stevens responded. "Are you another one of this world's illusions? Just another figment of my imagination?" Even more laughter ensued. "For a doctor, a man of science, you're not very intelligent." He paused for a moment before going on, "No. I am not an illusion, my friend. I'm real." Dr. Stevens was skeptical of this answer. "If you're real, then show yourself!", he shouted. Silence ensued. After a few moments, Dr. Stevens whispered, "Hello?".


"Boo!" Dr. Stevens cried out in alarm when the loud voice came from behind him. He whipped around hastily to see a figure cloaked in shadow standing there in front of him. "Who are you? What do you want?" Suddenly, the man looked up and stepped forward to reveal a shocking sight. Dr. Stevens gasped. There, in front of him, stood himself. A very different version of himself. His usually immaculately styled chocolate-brown hair was messy, with loose strands hanging about his face. His skin was a ghostly white, most likely due to the lack of light. His light brown eyes glowed softly, almost as to give off the impression of amber. The 'other' Dr. Stevens was dressed in a scientist's uniform that was similar to his own, except that it was black with luminescent orange accents.

"I am you, my friend. Well, not exactly. I'm a different version of you. One from another dimension. One who created this world." The real Dr. Stevens gasped. "You? You created this world?" The 'other him' nodded. "Yes. That's correct. It's also a story for another time." His glowing eyes bore into his frightened self. "I know you. I know your story. I know why you're here." Dr. Stevens chuckled softly. "I'm assuming this is the part where I fight you so that I can get what I want? I'd rather just get it over with already." Evil Dr. Stevens stepped closer. "Again, you're wrong. I'm not going to fight you, nor try to stop you from taking what you were sent here to take. All I ask is that you hear me out first."

Although he was weary, Dr. Stevens nodded. 'Other' Dr. Stevens smirked. "I'm not one to ramble, so I'll just get straight to the point with this. I'd like you to join me. You probably see no reason to do that, and let's face it, why should you? For the past week this world has done nothing but force you to face numerous monsters and terrifying visions. I could do nothing to stop it. But considering that you made it this far, I can see that you braved through those encounters like the hero you are. We are." He was interrupted by the other man. "What exactly are you fighting for though? Why do you need me to join you?" Evil Stevens sighed. "This world that I created has a mind of its own. Lately, it's been doing things that I never intended for it to do. I need you to help me fix it. Please, tell me you'll help me fix it."

Dr. Stevens felt sympathy for the 'other' him. He'd seen this world. It was a truly dreary place. So, that's why he said "okay" to the offer. Ultimately, although no one knows exactly how, that's how he lost his life.

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