I Still Love You

You told me your secrets, the bold and the bland.

At last I felt as if life was finally not so bad.

I gave you my heart, myself, my whole emotion. My deepest thoughts, my personal commotions.

We laughed, we smiled, we had a great time.

Little did I know how fast time flies.

You said forever, as long as we live.

I love you, and for you everything I will give.

You promised the truth, trust and forgiveness

But now your promises lie out lifeless

We fought, we battled, we struggled to breathe

But together, you said, we will get through the weeds.

Turn out it was all lies, to fuel my fire. My undying love for you is so dire. You won’t listen, you won’t hear. It is this that I fear. I still love you, but I know you don’t still love me.

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