I was worshipped once. Feared once. I’ve fallen so damn far now that I’m climbing and clawing my way back to my own goddess damned temple. The anger can wait, let it simmer until it is precise, furious and unstoppable. Now I just have to keep moving, that’s how they buried me last time. I stayed still for too long.

Long before this reign of masculinity, there was divine balance and order in the world. I was part of that. No. I WAS that. I AM that. I, Hekate, the divine feminine, mother of magic and witches, keeper of secrets and devourer of men. Unfortunately it came to pass….

I was beautiful and righteous and fearsome to behold. But I became complacent. Comfortable. Languid even…and I fell in love. This of course led to my demise, as all men are leaders in this.

No, this won’t do. Keep moving. Keep climbing. Rebuild. Rebel. Wreak havoc.

The summit. MY summit. This mountain is my throne and soon the world will be my empire once again.

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