Troubles Of The World

In the realm of shattered dreams, where hope once thrived,

Lies a story of resilience, where a soul survived.

"Once filled with softness," she whispered with a sigh,

"Now turned to stone, as pain weighs heavy on my mind."

Once upon a time, she danced with joy and grace,

A spirit so vibrant, a smile upon her face.

But darkness crept in, like a thief in the night,

Leaving her broken, her spirit taking flight.

Sexual assault, a cruel and heartless act,

Left her wounded, her innocence attacked.

The hurt, the loss, the pain, all intertwined,

Leaving her burdened, feeling so confined.

Oh, how she longed, for the lightness of before,

To shed the weight, that burden she bore.

But the heaviness remained, a constant weight,

A reminder of the darkness, she couldn't escape.

Yet within the depths of her soul's hardened shell,

A flicker of strength, a story yet to tell.

For in the face of adversity, she found her might,

A warrior rising, ready to fight.

With each step forward, she reclaimed her power,

Finding solace in healing, hour by hour.

Though the weight still lingers, she carries it with grace,

A testament to her strength, in this challenging space.

For in the midst of the heaviness, she found her light,

A resilience that burns, shining through the night.

And though the softness may have turned to stone,

Her spirit remains unbreakable, never alone.

So let her story be heard, a voice strong and true,

A reminder to others, that healing is possible too.

Though the weight may be heavy, and the journey long,

She stands tall, a survivor, forever strong.

And as she looks back, on the path she's walked alone,

She'll remember the transformation, from softness to stone.

But in her heart, a flame burns, forever aglow,

A symbol of her strength, as she continues to grow.

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