The Roads Of Skyrim

Beyond the maps,where legends dwell,

I ventured into the unknown.

across the map of tamriel, From summerset

to the great city of Ceridell.

As I walk in awe I see how high the mountains rise in skyrim,

Iv been to Elwswer in the sandy bad lands where the kashute roam

but back home in the land of skyrim

Iv traveled through snow topped mountians

traveled the dense woods, Iv made the climb of a thousand steps to the peak of the Greybeard's mountian the Throat of the World and yet

theres a place untouched by mortals the plains of oblivion were the souls of gems roam in this masive prision.

in these places off the map is were the Dadra and Dadric gods roam

yet skyrim in all her beauty there is no place quite like home.

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