The Truth

This was never meant to happen. It was just supposed to be a mission to make sure this planet could work for human life. I never expected to find humanesque bones and writing of an intelligent society that caused their own demise. Everything on this planet matches stories of the gods and godesses of ancient times. No wonder they no longer were seen in visions or seen coming down and helping our planet. They all perished due to the greed of a few, but those few couldn’t escape what they had done. They assumed poisoning the crops of the poor would not harm them in the end, but the poisoned crops were stronger and more resilient than the normal crops and they began to spread. Everyone eventually died, all due to the greed of others, and they kept documentation of how they led to their own downfall. Digging further into their library, their were books about how to heal humans and how to care for them on this planet. It seems like some humans have visited, or maybe even lived on this planet. A few rows down I stumble upon a book labeled ‘What Really Happened to Amelia Earheart’. I skimmed through the synopsis and notice how it mentions her plane crashing into one of their ships and how they brought her back to their planet to heal her. There is mentions of how she was trained to fly their spaceships and how she lived a happy life on this planet. There is no telling how many people that just disappeared have ended up here, and while it will give humans answers it will lead them to resent this planet and not want to reside here. This is our only chance at continuing to develop and thrive, staying on Earth means certain death in our future. We must hide these revelations and erase all traces of them visiting Earth or humans residing here. This is the only way to guarantee our survival.

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