That Halloween Night

It was the night of Halloween and Stacie and her two friends Alice and Mya are dressing up as the power puff girls, they were planning on going to jacks annual Halloween party that is held every year.

“STACIE YOUR FRIENDS ARE HERE HURRY I WANT TO TAKE A PICTURE” yelled Stacie’s mom “IM COMING” Stacie yelled back, she fixes her hair and makes her way down stairs. “Dang girl we look good” says Mya “well duh it’s us and were totally gonna be the center if of attention” says Alice “yeah especially since Mya and that jock have been hitting it off” says Stacie as everyone laughs. Stacie’s mom takes a picture and off they went, jacks house was only 5 houses down from Stacie’s so it wasn’t far so they decided to walk. When they arrived Mya went straight over to the jock she had been hitting it off with and Alice walked straight over to the snack table Stacie scoffs “typical Alice”she whispers to herself Stacie walked over to the drink table and grabbed a glass of punch when she turns around she sees a tall boy dressed as ghost face staring right at her “can I help you?”says Stacie “actually yes you can, do you know where I can find Alex Longsburg” says the ghost face man “oh yeah he was just over by the dj he looked like he was about to leave so you better go catch him” says Alice as she walks over with a bag of sour cream and onion chips “now bye” Alice adds. The tall man walks away “people who wear mask scare me like why am I not allowed to see your face” says Alice you both laugh “hey I’m gonna head to the bathroom wanna come” says Stacie

“Nah I’m good I just went just don’t be long there gonna play our favorite horror movie” says Alice, Stacie walks to the bathroom “wow this is such a long line” says Stacie, it was finally Stacie’s turn next to use the bathroom when she gets a call from Mya “hello” says Stacie “Alice told me to call you her phone died the movies starting come now” says Mya before Stacie can respond Mya hangs up. Whatever I didn’t have to go that bad anyways Stacie thinks as she heads down stairs she hears a blood curdling scream “it’s probably just the movie” says Stacie when she gets down stairs no one was there they had all ran out of the house you see the man in the ghost face mask “ what the heck happened” Stacie says concerned “well you told me to catch Alex so I did, well before he could catch me” he says “what I’m confused” says Stacie “I guess it’s time for an introduction, I’m like the ginger bread killer and well Alex was trying to catch me but no one catches the ginger bread man so I caught him first” says the man “w-what do you mean you caught him first” Stacie says breathing heavy “well look I created my own horror movie maybe it can be your new favorite because your starring in it but in this movie the star dies so say bye and then you can join Alex” the man says smiling. Stacie looks over and sees Alex hung to a wall by a knife “OH MY GOD” Stacie screams just then the man came lunging at Stacie with a knife but before he counts get her he fell to the floor while blood pours out of his head. Stacie looks up and sees Mya holding a gun with Alice next to her “a star dies in my movie too and he was a star what a pity for him” says Mya smirking “and in our movie we catch the gingerbread man and we didn’t even have to run as fast as we can” says Alice laughing just then they heard police sirens.


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