Storm Brewing

“So…nice weather we’re having,” Lia winced at her attempt at small talk. She willed this conversation to go faster.

“It’s raining outside?” Gill said in a questioning tone. “You hate rain.”

Yeah like she said, bad at small talk.

“Guess you don’t know me that well anymore,” she responded.

“Yeah, I guess I don’t.”

“I thought that was already established.”

He rolled his eyes which annoyed her to no end. She didn’t choose this.

“Cause this is my fault now,” he said, taking an aggressive gulp of his coffee.

“The last straw was all me, but our relationship failing was not just my fault, Gill.”

“That’s not fair, Lia. I tried.”

She glared at him. “I didn’t say you didn’t try.”

“You kinda did.”

“We’re going in circles.”

“Then maybe you should say what you’ve wanted to this whole time.”

“A storm is brewing. Weather is changing whether we like it or not. We can’t control it.”

His jaw clenched like he wanted to say something but was physically restraining himself. “You could have told me your prediction of the storm.”

“Not when I didn’t even have it for myself.”

“Fine. You can stay in the storm. But I won’t be there with you.”

“If that’s how you want it.”

“I didn’t choose this.”

“Neither did I.”

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