The Work

“Today in our reproductive biology class we’re going to do a fun project everyone is going to be put in pairs and are going to work on safe gurding a baby handing to you”. “Ensure the baby is healthy that includes being well fed and being properly cleaned, youll learn alot about the excreatory systems in this project and also some responsibility” Nigel said in a loud but soft toned voice to his 10th grade class. “Julie you’re paired with… George his said reading george’s name from the paper he picked put of the bowl containing the boys names” Julie’s face lost all it’s color briefly and suddenly turned barefaced red knuckles twisted “why do i have to get himm” she thought as it echoed the walls in her mind glancing at George his hissed and looked out the window. The memories from their series of altercations in middle school came flashing to them there was no way this could work, Julie raised her hand slightly “sir can i change my partner please sir” “no you cannot Julie this is final and also class this accounts for 40% of your grade on this subject” “I dont want to work with that blabbermouth” echoed George, “well you have to or else you fail” the school bell rang cutting through the tension and everyone started emptying out the class.

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