Ode to a childhood

To all the friends i’ve ever had,

you’ve influenced me and made me laugh. My elementary friends how far we’ve come! I wish i could see the person you all have become. though we haven’t seen each other in some time, I’m sure we’d both agree preschool was our prime. Second grade came sooner or later, That was the year I trusted christ, and became a part of something greater. My middle school friends we didn’t have a clue. Boys where strangers and all of our feelings where new. somewhere between awkward and annoying we found ourselves. Along with that we matured, the beach became a place for napping not collecting shells. Highschool hit with its ups and downs, its emotional roller coasters and loud sounds. Friends groups change, but your family does not, as i age i try and be thankful for the family i’ve got. To all the girls i idolized, and perhaps envied, you’ve showed me that being anything other than myself leaves me empty. To the mean girls, cause there’s plenty, you’ve taught me not to let

people like you tell me my identity. To the boys I’ve gawked at and the ones i’ve cried over, you’ve taught me that the right guy will come, and he won’t make me feel stupid when i lose my composure.

So to all the emotions, people, and experiences, good or bad, you’ve made me who I am today. And for that I am grateful, and this is how I repay.

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