Perfect Persephone

All of her life, everyone had told Persephone how perfect she was. With her perfect long black shiny hair, almond shaped blue eyes and athletic build. With her perfect grades, shiny clean record and wall full of awards. Persephone was the apple of her parents eye with her white smile and easygoing personality.

"My Persephone is going to be a surgeon, you know. So many science awards, and perfect marks too." Her mother would gush to even strangers. Her mother would brush her hair for hours as she did her maths homework, this was when her little sister Rachel had begun getting jealous of her older sister. It was always Persephone, all about Persephone, whatever Persephone wanted. It didn't help that Persephone was far more beautiful than Rachel who her parents called their little dumpling, while calling Persephone their angel. Every feature Persephone had seemed perfect and unmatched, and her face almost glowed when she smiled, which got rarer as she grew up.

Once, Rachel looked right at her perfect sister as she did her hair in the morning before school, curling the dark silk into big curls with her iron: "Why are you perfect?" Persephone had looked down before answering, burning her finger with the iron but not caring, "I'm not perfect, no one is. I'm just me."

So when one night Persephone vanished into the night, Rachel was the only one who wasn't surprised. What surprised her was the baby left on her doorstep a year later, a baby with the same eyes as Persephone looking back at her.

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