Too Late

No one is really doing any work me included. I just want to get home to my wife, pack the car and head West. The news this morning had said that although communications had broken down there was still hope and to carry on with normal daily business. That was this morning by lunch time a murmuring rumour was going around the office saying that a tactical battlefield nuke had been used.

I have no idea what I am typing on the screen, it’s an email to a client but it’s jibberish. I keep checking the news on my phone but nothing is being said. 2.44 pm surely he is going to tell us all to go home. My heart stops, I hear an escalating murmur “ shit have you seen this “ Danny shows me his phone. Breaking news, tactical nuclear weapon kills unknown number in Lublin Poland. “ that’s fucking NATO “ Danny screams. I jump up and begin to pack my bag. “ I’m going home “ I say stoically. I can see others doing the same. I look out the window, I’m on the 15th floor I can see people on the street running.

Mary in accounts stands up and shouts out petrified “ they are telling us to stay indoors and take cover or get to a basement “ Too late, I feel nauseous, shocked. I rummage in my drawer and find the bottle of Jack Daniels I had bought for Christmas but not taken home yet. I unscrew the top and take a huge swill and offer the bottle to Danny. I can see nothing but white as I dissolve into non existence.

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