Tennessee Sunset

It was wonderful. It was normal, of course, but it managed to take her breath away every time. She lay on her back, her face tilted to the sky. The grassy hill provided the perfect place to watch the sunset and then stargaze. At this time of year, it was the best time to do so.

Summer slowly shifted into fall, painting the trees the color of flames. The Earth seemed to be in the middle of a cool, constant, raging wildfire of reds and golds.

The soft breeze rustled the grass and trees and chilled her face, turning the tip of her nose the color of a fresh, red, Winter poinsettia.

The fiery scene contrasted with the purpling sky. The faint freckles of stars were starting to appear on the horizon, and strokes of pink and blue softly streaked the cotton-white clouds above.

This was one of her favorite nights.

One of her favorite Tennessee sunsets.

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