Car Trip To Life And Beyond

w h o o s h

S w i s h

Of the cars passing by as if it were a movie.

But not the same sounds.

The first time he heard the whoosh it was calmer, and his hands were sticky. And wet. And red. And warm.

Now his hands are cold. But they’re still wet and red. But they’re terrible cold. The chill of the handcuffs making goosebumps on his pale skin. Pale and red.

“You okay back there?” Asked the officer. He was mildly surprised the officer even spoke to him.

He remembered their disgusted eyes, even fear in them. He remembered their anger. It was rather amusing.

They didn’t even know the dead people! But then again, neither did he and he laughed when their blood splattered his face.

He almost laughed at the question. Truth be told, he’s still on the high.

And he’d be on the high for the next few hours too. Maybe when they’d interrogate him he’d laugh! It was hilarious.

He was still on that sweet, sweet, sweet high. Oh yes. The high as he watched their eyes pale, the life escape them. As the thundering heartbeat quieted down. AND THEN IT STOPPED. Oh oh oh oh.

That last heartbeat. It started to weaken. It was quiet. Then one loud THUMP. He thought he did something wrong for a second. And then quiet.

oh that sweet silence, and the shaky, hesitant breath escaping their lips. maybe a tear would roll down if he was lucky.

But only if he was lucky.

Oh and luck was on his side, believe that. Even as he was on the back of a police car, but that was okay.

Luck was on his side when he found the couple, broken bikes, on the side of the road. Oh he tried so hard to contain his glee. He tried so so so so so so so hard. He almost laughed. Almost gave himself away. But he was better than that.

He was so much better. He killed her first, as not to kill her boyfriend first and let her suffer. He was not a monster! It was quick, fairly effortless. The tears were sure to come.

And they did they did they did.

He laughed maniacally. His body shaking with laughter. The officers almost stopped the car, hearing the gleeful laugh of the man with the blood splatters on his face.

“I’m fine officer,” said the man with a beautiful smile. “I’m more than fine”.

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