I'm sitting on a rather high tree branch, watching the sun disappear behind the mountains.

Suddenly, I freeze. It's my enemy, Kadol. I frown and hop down to the ground so I can meet him at eye level. He struts toward me, “You ain’t gonna steal my girl,” he says, before whamming into me.

Time stops….and I fight with everything I’ve got. I’ve got to keep Bentia. She's so beautiful and she chose ME!

Then it's over and I’m sitting ontop of Kadol. He scowls and surrenders, hopping away.

“Tem?” I look up. Bentia! With one last defiant chirp, I join my beautiful bride high in the skies.



“What Eddie?”

“I just saw two Robins fighting. The big mean one lost!”


Eddie straightens up. “I’ll fight you, Dad. If a robin can fight a bully so can I!”

“Eddie! You're only eight years old!” his dad says contempt lacing his voice. Eddie shrugs.

“I’ll fight you anyway!”

He picks up a chair and holds it in front of him as a shield. Around and around they ran the length of the tiny room.

”What's going on in here?” Two police officers stand in the doorway. Eddie’s dad is so mad, he doesn't pay attention. He flies towards his son, whamming in a police officer who steps in front of him. He's facing charges.

…I was going to end with the Robin flying away, but somehow it added a bunch more to itself…

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