Courage Walking

Courage is a friend of mine

There was no need to say a name in a rhyme

The thrill of reaching a goal in time

Victorious knowing the way to move the line

Blurry faces hopeless places that I’m not

Leaning on her telling about her

Evens the score

Lonely was a friend I had

Cling to me the worst my soul is sad

Clean and mean the perfect dream

The best I hope for in my life is good to great

Keep in the war

Against what wasn’t meant to be in poverty

You settle this should I bother to write poetry

Poetic static deliverance give me action

Love the verb approach me and be kind

Happy to greet the fellow who is mind

Body soul I’ll take in time

Sentenced to the mention of a honorable man

Taken to the courts of the best that they can

Work it out in tour

You know it if you feel real

You know it and it is reel life

You know it and there is no real good day

Just move on each day as if the next will never come

Keep a steady income

Remain in light no dumb

If you catch me I will confess that you are all

If you venture to know me I will reach to tell I’ve got the gaul

Nerves of steel like nothing before

Nerves of steel I can not ignore

If I have to go silently I will walk with you Courage to the place I meet Fate

Fate is where I belong no secret to be

You made it special so that we two could meet

A friend in life just can be beat

Bravery is my name and Brave I will be enough

Is what I know to hold the heart of Fate and realize Destin in your friend by your side

Choice is made through thick and thin

We are the best of friends brave by the second

Tested by our Spirt to the record

Love for me is no surprise

Goodbye Lonely Sad and Untrue

Happiness last for all time when there is Fate in my gracious sight and Bravery in his loving embrace

Lesson learned about how to trace his face with love and grace

The end.

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