The traffic was so loud, piercing horns and people talking loudly over each other. Constant flow of information and chatter. It reminded me of the continuity of the waves hitting the shore over and over again from dawn till the eternity. My thoughts were quiet. I always found peace when I was in a crowded place. That was my time not to listen to the loud voices in my head. Constantly running wild with thoughts and exhausting each and every possibility of each and every desire or fear. It was exhausting being alone with them. I much preferred this setting. I could be at peace. I was silent inside. There was too much going outside for me to focus on. All aspects of me were engaged and trying to understand the noise outside and beyond. When they were all busy navigating this world full of noise. I was leaning back on my chair, closing my eyes with a smile on my face, tenderly accepting the struggles of my thoughts but like an exhausted mother, resting for as short a time I could find between the manic rush. This was bliss. Noise was my peace.

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