The Eighth Door

I lived in a family of eleven. It was a pretty full house. The house had exactly eight bedrooms. Two kids per bedroom took up five bedrooms, one kid got the sixth room, me and my husband had the seventh room, and no one ever entered the eighth room. It belonged to no one, and the door had never been opened to that room.

The eleven kids’ names were: Mellie, Amy, Carrie, Elizabeth, Kayla, Jamie (boy), Tyler, Andrew, Niko, Henry, and Janie. All of the kids were pretty cooperative and they rarely fought. However, they each had their own pet peeve that they would happily cause extreme chaos if it ever came in contact.

Mellie hated anything being placed on her head. She hated hats, hoods, headbands etc.

Amy hates chocolate, including the smell.

Carrie despised country music so much it reached the depths of her heart

Elizabeth would rather get COVID then touch any type of jewelry

Kayla believed that white wasn’t a true color

Jamie was an atheist

Tyler got sick even stepping onto planes

Andrew had a bad vibe towards people who have bald spots (no offense of you have one, he’s just picky)

Niko refuses to ever do more than walk for exercise

Henry is exactly like Niko

Janie screams at any TV show/movie with a love triangle

But otherwise, these kids are amazing children with perfect grades and perfect attitudes. They love each other and love everything they have and everyone they meet. They are the most chipper and lovely children.

So that’s why we decided to let them pick who would open the eighth room door. Our plan was to rent the eighth room out to someone, and whoever the children decide they like best, will get to open the door for the first time.

Their first candidate was Conrad, a 50 year old man who brought the family a box of chocolates, and kissed each child on the head before entering. He told the kids he loved country music, and he looked fit which meant he exercised. He also wore many hats and talked in a British accent.

Nellie and Amy hated it.

Carrie’s heart broke

Niko and Henry walked away.

He was kicked out within a short time, along with the box of chocolates.

Next, came a kind lady with all white clothes and badge that read PILOT on her shirt. She said she was desperately looking for a place to stay. She said this was because two men loved her and she didn’t know who to choose which meant she couldn’t stay with either. She was in a love triangle.

Janie screamed. Tyler vomited at the sight of the badge.

“Jesus Christ, what did I say?” The lady said

Jamie glared at her.

Kayla covered her eyes to blind her clothes.

That was the end of her.

Many more candidates came, but none of them worked because of their pet peeves. Each personality was different, but none of them would satisfy the kids’ needs. A guy with a bald spot couldn’t even enter the house. Neither could a lady who wore bracelets.

So the eighth door never opened.

The end!

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