The thumping of feet on wood. The crunch of feet on broken glass. Closer with each step. Directly behind me. It all goes silent. My breath is caught in my throat as I ball up further, sitting here with my back against the wall. Why I decided to hide near a window I don’t know but a cabin invasion is not something that happens to me often.

A chance a look up. A mistake, because there it was, staring in through the window, it’s face shrouded in shadow but visible enough that I barely hold my scream in.

It’s looking inside but does it see me? I can’t tell. I hope not. It moves away, just like that. Am I free of its hypnotic grasp? Should I make a run for it? Will it catch me if I run or has my hiding bought me enough time to escape?

I barely have time to come to an answer when I hear a door knob rattle and immediately after a door crash into a wall.

It was inside. It was coming to get me.

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