The Lady Sow and Her Runt

Long ago there lived a lady with rosy skin and a noisy disposition, her nose was large and she struggled to breathe causing her to grunt and groan and snore much to the behest of her husband. She was a clean lady, taking good care of her body despite her willingness to eat any and all manner of things. She often bathed in baths filled with mud which she claimed kept her skin young and healthy.

The lady birthed several children at once and despite the objections from her peers breastfed them two at a time. Her youngest and seventh to be born, who the local villagers named the runt, always got the last of the milk and was therefore smaller in comparison to his siblings.

The lady was a kind and intelligent mother, bettering all the men in her village at mathematics and arithmetic, making enemies of many of them.

One day as she soaked in her mud bath her home was invaded by the villagers who believed her intellect was due to witchcraft, they dragged her out kicking and screaming as mud flung about the room and followed her out into the village. They stuck an apple in her mouth and proclaimed her Lady Sow as they roasted her alive on the pyre.

Her body may have gone to the earth, but the lady’s spirit lived on and she cursed the crops so that no food would grow and the villagers would eventually starve. Her children were blamed and all, but the runt followed in their mother’s footsteps. He took a blade and slaughtered all who were guilty by slitting their throats as they hung upside down in his shed. Their blood watered the ground beneath him and grew the most glorious crops known to man. He and The innocent villagers thrived on the land their blood was returned to.

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