Room 433

When Sam Walker’s phone went off, he thought it was his wife calling to say she was running late. It was her phone, however it was a stranger on the other end to say that she was in a fatal accident. Sam immediately jumped in his Camaro and sped off to the hospital. When he arrived, Sam demanded answers from the front desk. A doctor nearby overheard Sam’s demands and pulled him aside.

“Sir, you can’t go in right now.”

Sam ignored the doctor and pushed past. He didn’t care if he wasn’t supposed to see Alice. He need to. Even if it was through glass. Sam stood outside room 433 for a couple of seconds until a doctor came out and nearly walked into Sam.

“How is she?” Sam asks, breathless.

The doctor flicked her eyes from Sam to the file. She sighs and says, “The husband, right?” Sam nods. “Unless we can get a lung donor, it isn’t looking good.”

“Take mine. I know we’re a match.”

The doctor starts to talk about the proper procedures and tests that have to happen. She also talks about the side effects and what could happen, including death for either of them.

“I don’t care. I’ll do anything.” Sam gazes into the room to see his wife lying unconscious.

The doctor sighs and tells a nurse to prep the OR. She tells Sam that he has an hour to get ready. Before she goes, Sam requests to go in and see Alice. The doctor reluctantly agrees and opens the door.

Sam walks in and hesitantly takes Alice’s hand. He pulls a chair up and sits in silence for thirty minutes before a nurse comes in with clothes and a drink. Sam eyes the items before taking it and tells Alice that everythig will be alright. He presses his lips to her forehead and leaves to get ready for the surgery.

Two Days Later

Alice wakes up to beeping sounds. She glances around and sees Sam on a bed next to her. On the bedside table is her phone, which is shattered. A doctor walks in and explains what happened. When he leaves, Alice lifts herself up and hobbles to Sam’s lifeless body. She looks at him and a tear slides down her face. “Why?”

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