The Tomb.

A sudden gust of stale, ancient air slammed in the face with the force of gale force winds as I finally broke through the hard packed concrete wall that was the entrance of the tomb. I had been searching and digging for this tomb for nearly a decade now. This was the pinnacle of my career! What I would find on the other side of this wall would define my life’s work.

I stepped back not wanting to go any further without seeing what I was opening and to let the stale air release from the cavern behind. I called for a flashlight. I heard several voices Calling in Egyptian for the flashlight. After what seemed like years the flashlight was handed to me.

I am drenched in sweat more from the heat of the midday desert sun than the exertion of swinging the pick. I clicked the flashlight on and poked the top through the hole I had just made. The site didn’t seem so stale now. I looked through the hole and my heart almost stopped! This was my defining moment realized! I almost collapsed in joy and relief.

My partner came up and looked at me sitting in a heap crying and laughing. I handed him the flashlight so he could see the wonders that had beheld me just moments before! He stumbled back hand to his head and mouth agape. Then he let out a cry of joy!

“Nathaniel, we did it we found the pharaohs tomb and it is fully in tact! We are going to be rich!” I was smiling up until that point. I looked at my partner as if he had just grown Aiken to me. I wasn’t doing this for fame or money I was doing it to find the hidden wonders of the ancient world and forward our understanding of ancient cultures. This person talking about fame and money just now was not the person I had gone into partnership with!

I stood and told him so as I made preparations to carefully finish opening the tomb. “Nathaniel just break the damn thing! Let’s see what treasures we can sell!” I shook his hand off my shoulder and motioned for him to leave me alone. He tutted under his breath and walked away. It was going to take a full two to three hours to open the tomb carefully and properly to preserve what lay behind, plus I had to alert the Egyptian hall of antiquities so they could oversee the whole thing.

I placed a guard on the opening and told them that in no uncertain terms was anyone to open or enter the tomb before I got back with the antiquities authority. The guard nodded understanding and I walked to my tent and made the call they said they would be there within the hour.

I returned to the tomb to hear raised voices. Anthony was yelling at the guard to move out of his way and he was the bigger partner and made all the decisions and he paid his wages. The guard was not allowing him to pass just as I had asked. I walked up and Anthony scowled in my direction.

I told him to go wait in the tent. He refused and he came at me brandishing the pick I had used earlier to make the ominous hole staring back at me now. I side stepped out of his way just as he slammed the pick forward and into the sand at my feet. I looked at two of the workers and made the sign for them to arrest him and place him under guard in the tent until the authorities got there.

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