“You Have Just Won”

My phone rings and it’s some guy saying he’s from publishers clearing house. You have just won a new Cadillac, what color do you want? You also won 350,000.00 dollars that will be delivered to your door here shortly.

I knew that I had not entered any contest.

What color did you say? Hummm silver!

You should be excited Mr. Lopez, you just won were just a few miles away ready to deliver. I need for you to go to the nearest location and get a Visa card for $500.00 and scratch the back and give me the number. Oh ok, so this is for real? Yes sir, as soon as you get the card, and give me the number on the back, we will deliver the prizes,so hurry, but don’t hang up.

Have you ever won before? No never!

Okay! I’m so excited I’m on my way, how long before you get there? I’m not sure hold on because, I may lose signal I’m in the mountains, I’m driving as fast as I can. Oh ok! just be careful, last thing we need is for you to have an accident. I hung up pretending I lost signal and he calls back hello, did you hang up ? Your breaking up I can’t hear you call back in 5 minutes. Five minutes go by and phone rings again are you getting close? Ya I should be. Oh my! What’s wrong? I forgot where I’m suppose to go and what I’m suppose to get. Your going to the nearest location to buy a visa gift card for 500.00 he replied getting frustrated. I thought you wanted the gifts? I do mister I’m trying to hurry there’s a town coming up it’s call dam scam population one freaking lier. Where did you say you were ? Excuse me sir, did you not hear me?

No! It was hard to hear. I’m twenty four miles to the nearest town. It has been over an hour and a half and I’m at the window at Wendys placing an order. I make sure he can hear me ordering. Mr. Lopez, where are you I thought you were far away from a town? I thought you said I had won a car and 350,000.00 dollars. You did win I’m waiting on the 500.00 so we can deliver. Ok!

Hold on I have to eat my fries I can’t think on an empty stomach. Ok but hurry we’re running out of time. Ok! Ok! I’m trying.

There’s nothing here but a Wendy’s in the middle of no where. What is this? It’s dam scam, and your a lier. You been playing me this whole time said the stranger yep! Stop scamming people you called the wrong guy. You son of a b…… said the stranger and I laughed out loud.

Your an idiot and it felt good to know that not only was I going to lose, your the biggest loser and he hung up. I knew that this was to Good to be true as soon as he started talking. Don’t fall for scammers there everywhere.

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