Need a Ride?

“Oh, actually I’m waiting for someone.” A girl with stringy blonde hair, dirt on her face and hands spoke with a shaky voice. Like the voice you would have if something bad happened. Suddenly she stood up and started walking along the sidewalk.

As the car started driving in a slow pace, the driver said “Mind telling me what is really going on?” She started a jog, that turned into a run. The man was determined to find out who this woman was.

He went home to find his dog had spread trash everywhere. “Jeremy!!”

A man that was looking down at his phone so much he tripped coming down the stairs. “What?!” He said.

They talked on and off about school and stuff. Then the man remembered, “Oh yeah, Jeremy, Have you seen anybody with blonde stringy hair and hazel-y eyes.. Oh! And she had red and white vans.” He described the girl to Jeremy. Jeremy thought for a while. Finally he said something.

“ No I don’t think I have, Alex.. Why do you ask?” “Well.. “ He explained to his roommate about the mystery girl.

The next day him and his roommate set out around town in search for the girl. Talking on walkie-talkies they shared their sights. Suddenly Jeremy realized they forgot to search one spot.

There was this old abandoned barn on Elm street, The boys turned their headlights on about to walk in. Then, They heard a voice. The same shaky voice of the girl. Whispering, Alex told Jeremy that it was her voice. Crouched down ready to barge in like special agents or something.

They smell smoke. Alex nodded. Jeremy nodded. The bust in and walk in on a bonfire with about 3 people around it. There was a boy with a red shirt and jeans on, With brown short hair, who looked about 7. And a girl with a white dress and black long hair,she looked about 9, and the mystery girl. She stood up and looked enraged.

She walked over and pulled Alex out by his arm. “hey hey hey! that hurts?!” He yapped. “Who are you and what do you want from me?” She whispered in a mad tone. “Well I’m Alex, and nobody turns me down. So I tracked you down with my roommate Jeremy. You seemed really suspicious. What are you hiding?” Squawk! Crows yelled out as the sky started to change. She started to open her mouth with a mean expressions on her face then she stopped and closed her eyes, took a deep breath and smiled. Opening her eyes, She said “Ok, My name is Cady, Those are my younger siblings, lela and drew, I have to take care of them, and I’m not hiding anything. There. Happy?” As she walked back in the barn. “wow..” He walked to the front of the barn and told Jeremy everything. “We should go home.” “Okay, the kids never talked..” Jeremy said.

A few days later the boys had forgot about it until they were watching tv and they saw the kids’ face on the news as missing persons.

Back at the barn they walk in, unlike last time, it look like nobody had ever been there. This is when things started getting out of their hands, They handed it off to the police and went home.

A couple years later, the boys— men have got families. Jeremy with 2 kids, Lacy and Karri. Alex with 3 kids, Chris, Amy and a baby on the way! They had basically forgotten about Cady and the kids.

Until this happened. Just a regular day in Michigan, Until Alex’s wife, Sarah was making lunch and looked out the window. She saw the girl watching Chris and Amelia play outside like a hawk. “ALEX!!!” He ran down the stairs. “Yes?” He said worried. “SOME LADY JUST TOOK CHRIS!” As they ran outside Alex noticed who it was and called Jeremy while Sarah called the police. “Jeremy take your kids inside. It’s her. Cady. She has Chris! She knows where we live!” He hung up before Jeremy could say anything.

Alex then realized that all this started with ‘Need a ride?’…

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