The Call

I rest my head upon a rock

This is where my weary bones shall lay

My thoughts and trepidations blocked

Till I inevitably wither away.

A distant echo in the woods

Makes me ache me like a clarion call

Pain, desperation and all the goods

Take over as I wait to fall

I rise and stand, broken yet whole

As I prepare to take my last steps

Tears down my cheek, I bare my souls

Hesitation never really helps.

I walk, and my blistered feet burn

My calloused hands clutching at distant dreams

Let go, the voice says at every turn

Lest you be torn apart at the seams.

All in an instant and an eternity

I’m at the edge looking into an abyss

At shades of blue and a mellow green

Finally relaxed and afloat with bliss.

I stare down praying for aid

The melodic voice lures me in

The siren tells me not be afraid

I close my eyes and dive right in.

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