Forgotten Past

Usually you’d be glad if you’d found something you lost. Like finding a lost piece of treasure you hid away unintentionally for later you to find. But I’m not sure if I wanted to find what I hid this time.

183 gigabytes, this was how mush space was left on my phone when I lost it. Yet now nothing, there’s not a single gig of storage left. Instead it’s been replaced by nothing. Well not nothing it was just thousands of blank photos. Yet strangely none would open, guess all of them where corrupted.

I still wish that I left it there, I wish I just formatted the phone and sold it. Instead I tried to take a picture of it. I wanted to send it to my friends but the photo I got wasn’t the one I took.

The photo was completely dark and then all my photos disappeared. Everything on my phone went dark. I still don’t know how it spread. I wanted to tell my friends what happened so I tried to use the old phone but as soon as it connected to my houses server it spread, nothing in my house was left untouched.

I wanted to leave so I ran for my car but as soon as I turn it on I unleashed it. My car instantly connected to the server for its paid features and it spread like a virus.

Everything in Europe was infected by day 3. By the first week humanity was sent back to a time without machine.

It never stopped though. It just kept going it started to seep out like blood. Everything is gone. I maybe have half an hour left and I’m spending it alone while writing this book.

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