Crater To Where?

(Another rushed story, sorry!)

It was a regular day

Until the sinkhole struck

Who would’ve known

That I’ve been out of luck

The sinkhole grew larger and larger

Engulfing buildings in its mighty depth

This hole was deep enough

For some to fall to a grisly death

I was unfortunate enough

To fall inside

Due to tripping

And landing on my side

The sinkhole then opened

Underneath me

And when I fell

I saw colors of three

They illuminated at the very bottom

Unlike any aurora or projection

I fell down, quickly gaining speed

In a downward direction

I then went unconscious

The world turning darker into blackness

It is unknown how long

I was in this prolonged darkness

When I awakened, I was in the city square

With the same vibe and the same air

Cars were driving through the streets

As I got onto my feet

Although the air was normal

The sky above was paranormal

It was a supernatural display of red and black

Instead of the usual blue and white, it was as if there was an attack

The people were also moving in unnatural ways

Almost as though they were in a daze

I couldn’t believe my eyes

As they were taking in the sights

I have to explore around

And find a way out of this town

Quickly before I die

And live my life within a lie

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