Breathe In The Air

Jason climbed up the wooden ladder to the roof of the high school. When he got to the top, he saw her, Lucky Cyrius. She began the conversation.

“Hey, Jason.” She smiled.

“Hi, Lucky. I missed you.”

“So have I. I just can’t believe what happened over these years.” Her smile reverted to a frown as she sat on the edge of the roof.

Jason sat next to her, speaking again.

“So, did you manage to recover just fine?”

“Yeah, although it hurt a lot.”

“I’m sorry I shot you.”

“Jason, you didn’t shoot me. I dropped the gun, it activated, and it shot me in the leg.”

“I just feel so guilty about that day.”

“I understand. I understand what you’ve been through those years you’ve been in prison. Even though you never committed any of those crimes.”

“How do you know I didn’t?”

“While I was recovering, I decided to look at your case some more. And I discovered a significant other individual responsible for your actions.”

“Who are they?”

“Donovan Mcnolius, also known as, Fragment.”

“So… Donovan controlled me to do those crimes all those years ago?”

“Yes. He broke our trust. He got you arrested for nothing. And… he ruined us.” Lucky looked down.

“Hey… it’s okay.” Jason put his arm around her. “At least we’re here together now.”

Lucky smiled again. “Thanks, Jason.”

“No problem.”

Jason smiled as the two former lovers leaned in and kissed each other. A shooting star passed by overhead as they kissed. Maybe they’ll find a way after all.

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