The Art of Drowning

Water is lapping between my chin and neck, each wave colliding to the beat of my heart. Moving at a thunderous pace, overwhelming me. I look around. My eyes could not discern anything the night masking every and anything. I never realized how dark the night is before, the city lights always brightening the sky. Never actually pitch black. But as I feel the cold water lapping up my body, waiting for me to succumb to its power and volume, I look around trying to find shore and I finally realize how dark the night is.

An hour goes by, no sign of help coming for me. My legs are starting to become tired from treading water so strenuously. As I look at the imminent death facing me, I think about how you supposedly feel weightless when you drown. The lack of oxygen to the brain results in a euphoric sensation a high of some sort.

I keep thinking about his until eventually my legs slow, my eyes droop, and I stop fighting. The water is still lapping between my chin and neck, and the waves start to slow to the rhythm of my heart. As if they know they won. I let the waves consume me and my body goes limp. I slowly start to sink, and my brain hurts from the lack of oxygen. But eventually, it stops and everything becomes numb. I smile as I take my last breath, euphoria.

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