The Unexpected Vortex


After a really quite spectacular symphony of cracks, bangs - and what sounded like tiny screams, - the lilac smoke had cleared. Wafting the magical vapour away from her face, Lilith began to scan the room. Nothing. Everything looked the exact same. The weathered wooden boards that made up the walls, the rusted cauldron bubbling with the revolting elixir she had just mixed. Even all the crooked and warped furniture remained in their same haggard form. It seemed, as usual, the spell had just been all smoke and no fire once again.

Hours of her time spent brewing this elixir, so deciding to take a break from her fruitless endeavours, Lilith slumped her shoulders and walked solemnly to the front door. These cursed spells! They never worked as she wanted them to. In 8 long years of being a witch she'd never even once managed to get one right. Graceful Mable down the dirt path though, oh she managed just fine didn't she, for someone who started witchcraft a year ago?

Lilith wrapped her gangly fingers around the faded copper doorknob, and began the not-so-magical ritual of ramming it repeatedly with her bony shoulders. She truly believed that even if she harnessed all of the magic in the world, even if she was the most unconceivably powerful sorceress in every dimension, this door would still stick and require three well placed shoulder barges to open.

One. Two and - three!


After the usual three thumps, the door remained jammed shut. Lilith's heart began to beat just that little bit faster. Could her spell of actually done something? She quickly tried to dismiss the idea as to not get too excited - It's an old door, and the jam had probably just gotten worse as the crooked cottage deteriorated.

Once she had banished her excitement, she prepared for another three bashes.

One. Tw-

Lilith went barrelling through the crusty door and found herself sprawled onto her porch. As she stood to regain her composure and looked out into her front garden she noticed something really quite peculiar.

It wasn't there.

In fact, what was there was a unfathomably vast magenta vortex swirling at break neck speeds in its place. Lilith became suddenly very aware of the fact her cottage was also being flung around the vortex like a cow in a tornado and desperately grabbed the nearest porch pillar to cling to. Surely this wasn't her? She marvelled at the idea she had managed to create such an magnificent result with her elixir, but the fact she had never managed to even conjure a moss goblin before cast doubt on the idea.

She stared into the swirling abyss and couldn't help but admire the vortex for a short while longer. Trees, now twisted and pulsating with energy whizzed past the cottage so fast she could barely see them. Occasionally, some ethereal entity would pass by, seemingly unaffected and oblivious by the swirling magic and on its way to destination unknowable. Deep into the cortex, what looked like a violent lightning storm raged ceaselessly.

Suddenly, hurtling toward her and gutturally screaming, a small figure slowly began to come into view. Squinting, Lilith saw it was the now quite graceless figure of Mable. Lilith couldn't help but let out an ecstatic and wicked cackle at the flailing figure of Mable being launched violently through a magical vortex of - what very well could be - her own creation. The screaming grew louder and more hysterical until suddenly Mable smashed straight through one of the porch pillars, sending splinters everywhere as she crashed onto the hard wooden floor. Mable lay there groaning as Lilith looked over the crumpled mess that now decorated her porch.


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