A Face Behind A Mask

Lets put on a mask to hide our feelings,

it might be handy one day.

Tug it in your grasp and never let it go.

that's what they all love to say.

'We've all been through it, its all right', as they tug your hand far away,

you never get to play.

No one ever see's the tears against your cheeks and your thankful,

no one hears the grinding gears and your okay.

But deep in your heart you know that its wrong, you do it anyway.

Rotting away in that dark space that you call home.

wishing someone would ask about you but you're always alone.

Just shut your eyes child it will only hurt for now,

your being a big baby, just plaster a smile and take a bow.

Cry this second and let it all show, tell them your trauma and the way the wind blows.

Tear out your heart and sit it on stage,

for this is who you are and they should know,

its the demon they have made.

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