The Dance Of Life

“50 on number 5,” touted Jim Norse, with a stern face and a cigarette wedged between the corner of his lips. “Tonight’s my night, I know it without a doubt this time.”

“And what makes you so certain?” Asked the stranger next to him.

“I’ll say this lad, that horse isn’t the only thing I’m betting on.”

“Aye, then what else?”

“If I told you, then I’d have to kill you.”

“Fuckin hell, I didn’t know James Bond was here. Best of luck to ya then I guess.” The man scoffed, then chuckled as he walked away.

Jim Norse strolled to his seat, where he sat alone, scanning the bleachers.

“Well boys, I never tell a lie, you can write that on my gravestone.”

“Boss you’re one ballsy son of a bitch, do you have to tell a stranger every time?” Muffled the voice from Jim’s earpiece.

“People will refuse to see the truth even if it slaps them in the face. They think life is a joke. The reality they live in is an illusion, one so pervasive that death itself is buried under layers of unmanaged existentialism. I could tell them the whole stadium is going to blow up, and still no one would listen. You see, Jacob, people will drink and pretend everything is fine in the world, that this life is meant to be a Disney movie, but people like us see this world for what it truly is.”

“And what is that, exactly?”

“A dance, but only the strongest can participate, because a weak link makes the whole troupe stumble, and today we remove the weakest links of them all.”

“Aye boss, that we do, that we do.”

“Are the boys in position? We only have one shot at this, it has to be perfect.”

“Yes boss, John’s team has secured the north gate, Silvio’s guards the south, and I spliced the speaker wires directing them to our recording. Today, the world will learn there is a new force in town.”

“Very well.” Jim Norse loved chaos, he thrived in it. There was no reason for him to be inside the stadium as the bombs went off other than for his own depraved satisfaction. A couple more deaths by the hands of one man in the shadow of thousands will not be noticed, and Jim can’t help himself. He sat next to the nation’s leaders, and averted the bombs in that location, because for him this all a part of the dance.

The overhead speakers crackled, “…today is a grand day for retribution. For years we lurked in the shadows, as you drank and laughed your lives away, we watched, we prepared. There is a new party that will lead this nation to the glory it deserves, and history will write of ‘The Retributors’ until the end of time. And ladies and gentleman, we would like to introduce to your newest leaders in a sparkling fashion. If you survive, please let your friends and family know what you learned today. Let them know what happened here, as it will continue until our decrees are fulfilled. Fear not death, and may your final moments be used to make your peace.”

The crowd stirred and made a light commotion, but no one moved; no one thought acts of terror would ever happen to them.

“Jacob…let the dance begin.”

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