Recurring Dream

“So Marcy tell me about this recurring dream

that is stressing you out?”

Casey asked as he leaned back in his black leather office chair, with his fingers interlocked behind his head.

Casey and Marcy’s had built a close knit therapist/client relationship over the past five months. Marcy felt as if she could confide in Casey about any and everything… and she did

“Unfortunately Casey it’s not just ONE recurring dream. No…In all actuality it’s TWO. And the dreams don’t occur on the same night. For some odd reason the nightmares seem to alternate, it’s either one or the other.” Marcy held up two fingers as she cross her legs at her ankles and reclined comfortably on the cognac brown leather chaise lounger.

“Two different recurring dreams, that seem to

alternate? Casey repeated Marcy’s statement to make sure that he heard her correctly. “Well I can truly understand how that would be both alarming and frustrating all at the same time.”

Casey tapped the end of his ink pen on his chin, as he looked intently at Marcy with his sky blue eyes. “Now I believe last month when we last met, you vaguely mentioned that in one of the dreams you had the sensation of continuously falling? Am I correct?”

Marcy shook her head up and down in agreement, “Yes …that’s correct. I had a friend of mine who told me that in a dream like that …you don’t want to hit the ground because that could be a really bad thing?”

Casey smiled, as he ran his fingers through

his medium length blonde hair. “Well …I haven’t heard that one.” He chuckled.

“ So Marcy if you would like, we can discuss the meaning of this particular dream… Or if you would like, you could tell me about your alternating second reoccurring dream, and then we could discuss the meaning of both of them together? It’s totally up to you.”

Marcy stood, smoothed her lavender maxi skirt down and walked over to gaze out the large picture window.

“I would much rather discuss them one at a time. If you don’t mind? Because each of the dreams are just so disturbing. Usually when the dreams occur, they wake me up and I can’t go back to sleep. I can only imagine what they

both dreams translations are.”

“As we have previously discussed, recurring dreams may be a way to work through, unmet needs or process trauma. This type of dreaming activity is usually associated with mental or physical stress, which I believe you have been experiencing.”

Marcy turned away from the window, tilted her head to side, as she nodded and peered at Casey. Holding her hands up, “Soooooo as you know I have been under a great deal of stress, not only at work, but as you know, Larry and I are going through a rough patch. So anxiety and stress have been my middle names for quite some time now.” Marcy gave a long sigh. “So Casey please explain what the continual falling represents?”

Casey glanced down at his Apple Watch, and swiveled back and forth slowly in his

black leather office chair. “Marcy the meaning of the falling sensation is usually associated with an individual feeling vulnerable, helpless or overwhelmed, just as you are feeling. The falling could also be a symbol of fear, and may indicate uncertainties about some areas of your life. Possibly areas in your life that you totally have no control over …such as the state of your finances, the future of your relationship, a possible, up-and-coming job search, etc..”

The act of falling is an indication of defenseless and being unprotected. It’s as if you’re a sitting duck for something that may or may not happen.”

“ Okay… thank you for the explanation Casey that really helps to shine a light on a lot of things… which are occurring in my life right now.

I know our time is almost up, so can we continue where we left off next month and also delve into the meaning of my other reoccurring dream that I’m also experiencing?” Marcy inquired.

“ Absolutely Marcy… now, remind me again, what did you say is your second reoccurring dream?” Casey asked inquisitively

“ YIKES!…Well ….in my second reoccurring dream Casey I am ….being surrounded …by hundreds maybe thousands of insects and bugs.” Marcy answered hesitantly.

Casey rubbed his forehead and gave Marcy a reassuring look as he walked over and gave her a fist bump “Yes… No worries…Marcy we will continue our conversation as well as delve into the meaning of your second particular reoccurring dream at our next office visit in a few weeks…”

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