Callum stood in front of the tattoo parlour, contemplating. How insane would it be to just walk in? Plenty of people did it, whether their fate was positive or negative. Callum thought about what his tattoo could possibly be. Horrible death? Falling in love? Getting heartbroken?


Callum jumped at the sound of his disapproving mother. The teen took one last look at the shop before turning away.

Callum thought about the tattoo parlour day and night. Some of his classmates had visited, and had been met with a variety of good and bad news. For example, Sally Ferguson had been met with the fate of a death so terrible she showed no one, and ended up going mad.

Or at least, that's what Callum had heard.

But, Luke Chambers boasted about his in class. His tattoo claimed that he would become extremely powerful. Maybe a powerful pain in Callum's ass.

Nonetheless, Callum couldn't help but constantly wonder what his fate would be. On his way to and from school he would pass the shop, thinking about his future and what he wanted for himself.

One day, he passed by and stalled. This was going to drive him mad forever. He took a determined breath and entered the shop. He was expecting a dark, smoky, overdecorated inside. Instead, he was met with an empty white room except for a tattoo chair and a stool in the middle of the room.

A man emerged from a back door.

"I've been expecting you, Callum. Sit."

Callum gulped and sat, but didn't question the man.

The man began without another word, and Callum suddenly changed as soon as the needle touched his skin. He was no longer surrounded by the white room. His life was flashing before him like a slideshow, his ear roaring. His first steps. Getting embraced by his parents. Being rejected by a girl. Every memory he had, flashing before his eyes so quickly he could hardly keep up. When suddenly, silence. He blinked and he was back in the white room, his arm stinging.

He looked down at it to see something that would drive him mental with pure terror.

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