Here I Am

The morning arises with the glow of the sun peaking through the corner of the window curtain. The glow pierced directly into a blonde, curly haired teenager named Angela. Slowly opening her eyes to the brightness she gradually rises into a stretch. “Ugh another day of misery.” Angela reaches over to her phone to see not a single notification. With one swift motion she slams her phone by her side and plops back down to a flat position on her bed. Before Angela could fully close her eyes, a notification from her phone stops her in her tracks. She picks it up to read *Are we still meeting at 10am?* It’s from her therapist Dr.Young. Quickly she swings her head around to check the time. “9:50am okay thank god for zoom. She responds with a *yes* and makes her way to the bathroom to brush her teeth. As she begins to brushing she suddenly gets a flashback of a montage between her and her sister Valerie. It consists of the two eating ice cream on a green wooden bench, the girls both smiling at a glass dinner table eating chicken and rice which is one of their favorite dishes, and lastly them sitting on a towel on the sand at the beach. Just as Valerie was about to utter one word to Angela, her eyes open to find herself fitting in from of the therapist on her laptop. Dr.Young repeats his question. “Then what happened after that Angela?” Angela says “ I grabbed my sister’s hand and pull her towards the cliff edge with me. She nods slowly in my direction. Then we jump.” Just as the last word is spoken a singular tear falls from Angela’s eyes. “I thought that taking her outside would help her. Jumping with her off of that cliff into the body of water would free her and help her release her burdens. But it didn’t and I have live with that for facts the rest of my life. Thats I couldn’t do anything to help her and now I’m alone. Forever with nothing but the memories.” Dr.Young takes a second to give Angela a moment and then responds. “Angela I do thank you for finally opening up to me on our finally session and I am proud of the progress you have made. I want you to know you’re not alone I am always here. Please take my number down and call me if you ever need anything.”

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