As your car

Makes its way

Out of the driveway

(The roof

Saddled with overstuffed

Bags, the wheels

Barely visible beneath the


Taking with it

Years of


False promises,

False smiles,

And the

“I love you”s

You said

But never meant,

Am I

After all this

Time, supposed

To pretend

This is sad?

I hear the

Muffler of your

Car (the one

We rode together in

To countless movie dates,




(Countless nights

When your voice

Was at a heightened

State. Your face

Red, veins poking

Out from your neck

And forehead)

As a plume of smoke,

Thick, toxic,

Pollutes the air.

Take your belongings.

They’re yours.

Leave me with mine.

Leave me with

The only invisible things

I can only

Hold onto.

My respect,

My dignity,

My freedom.

Everyone has a first love, once.

Sometimes it works out.

I wish ours had,

But I can’t help

But smile

The moment

Your car

(Yes. It was your car, not


Pulls out of my driveway.

A Cheshire Cat

Perched at the end of the road.

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