Empty Beach

I bask in the glory of creation on this

beautiful empty beach.

My mind ponders, but I am at peace.

Where are the children playing in the sand?

Where are the couples walking hand

in hand, making all types of plans?

This magnificent beach is not empty at all.

No, It is full of our Heavenly Father’s Glory,

And his Amazing Glorious Creation

and Grace.

The serenity here is priceless, and the

atmosphere absolutely tranquil.

My thoughts no longer race,

As I just be relax and am still. I hear and

listen to the voice of our Heavenly Father.

I am at one with my self and at

one with my thoughts.

Grateful for this opportunity

And to know that, even though

you’re alone, you can be taught.

Because there are lessons to be learned Lessons everywhere. Even on this spectacular

deserted white sandy illustrious beach.

But even though the beach is empty, I’m grateful that I am not alone. I am at one with nature. And I am truly grateful for the joy of this moment. Grateful for this opportunity, and again grateful for this extraordinary peace.

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