Setting: bedroom, windows are floor to ceiling, The walls are white, the bed is large enough for two people.

Character: Female, 30 years

The name of the character is Meghan.

The character hears a soft voice calling her name. This has been ongoing for a week.

At first, it was not a big deal, as the day passes, the voice becomes louder.

Who is the character?

The character is a normal woman whose mother is kidnapped.

Who is calling the Meghan name?

The person calling the character is a talking cat

Why is the voice getting loud each day?

Why is it that specific time?

That is the only time the talking cat gets to talk.

Why is the talking cat calling Meghan name every morning?

What does the voice sound like?

The voice sounds like the voice of a human

Where is the talking cat planning to take madam to?

How did the talking cat found out?

Is the madam willing to follow the talking cat? She is reluctant.

Why is she reluctant?

As the Clock 6 am, Meghan hears her name again, This has been ongoing for about a week. Every morning at this time she would hear her name. At first, she thought it was the wind whooshing making its sound as if it was her name being called, so she didn't pay attention to it. It's the 8th day, and 6 am and this time she can hear her voice loud and clear, She clenched her fists, hoping it was her mind making those sounds. She covered herself and was reluctant to get up from the bed. “ Why should I be scared” She held her breath and decided to check, she got to the windows where the voice was coming from, She saw a cat standing and staring at her face. “ Don't tell me it's the cat that was calling me”, she pursed her lips.

Only for the cat to respond saying” are you stupid? “

Meghan was shocked and tripped on her feet, why trying to move back,

her face was pale and her bulged out open with her mouth open, she couldn't believe that the cat can speak.

The cat staring at the commotion she was casing was not perturbed, He had experienced something similar, he kept on talking.

“ I have been calling for you over a week, and you kept ignoring me”

“if your mother life was not in danger, I would not have wasted my time”

It took a while for the Meghan to get herself together, It took five minutes to accept the idea that there was a cat in front of her that could speak just like her.

“Why… why can yyou talk?, she stuttered?”

She breathed in, trying to come down her emotions, what if this was a scam, while she was thinking about a way to find the truth

“Your mother was kidnapped, You have to save her

“I know where she is being held, you have to go with me”

“Why should I go with you, what if you are trying to get me kidnapped,” she said excitedly, thinking she had found the purpose of the cat.

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