views are so different from another’s eyes

Seeing things uniquely, all with lies

But for me it’s black or white, no greys

Time passes counting the days

Till I’ll be released, there’s no sell by date

Trapped here filled with hate

I’m looking back in retrospective

Trying for some perspective

Just keep failing and hurting

End in burdening

The people I know, never leaving it alone

A dog begging for a bone

But the bones despair, fatal I know

But seeds of sorrow I ache to sow

My retrospectives gone wrong

It’s twisted changed its made this song

It’s driving me crazy to the edge

Of a crumbling ledge

Retrospective won’t help me now

Already ended the row

No happy memories make me turn around

Lifting my feet off the ground

Fantasising over where I’ll be lain

Apology note explaining my pain

I can’t do this anymore

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