We Gotta Go

“Donald. We need to get the fuck out of here.”

Donald. Looked at me. He said nothing, all he did was eye me down. He grimaced. That smile forming on his old and deteriorated cheeks, the skin around his eye cracking at the corners. He never looked older than he did at this exact moment.

“You’re freaking out Ross. Trust me. It’s nothing.”

My brain felt like it was going to explode. “Donald the News just said they’re going to fucking nuke us. We have to evacuate the building.”

Donald smiled. “Corporate still needs those shipments Ross.”

I damn near collapsed. I could feel my knees weakening, they were on the verge of buckling.

I grabbed Donald’s desk for support and I could see his eyes widen as his desk jolted above him.

“Calm down Ross.” He insisted.

My jaw fell open. My hands clamped onto the desk as Donald continued to smile at me.

And then we heard the sirens. The sirens as they blared through the sky.

For a second I saw a glimmer of fear slice across Donald’s face. But he shook it off and returned his eyes to mine. “The shipments.” He said with a smile. “Have them continue with the shipments.”

I saw them in the distance. It seemed as though they were miles away, but I knew they’d be here soon. I ran out of Donald’s office and into the break room. I ran for the fridge. I’d seen this in a movie before…it was the only option I had. I frantically ripped the shelving out and climbed in.

I saw people attempting to run as the nukes got closer and closer.

I could see into Donald’s office. I could see him sitting at his desk, smile on his face, as our respective world ended.

The nukes hit.

And for a split second I watched. Watched as Donald screamed, as his flesh melted off his bones. I watched as his eyes exploded from within his skull.

For a split second.

And then I closed the fridge door.

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