Callous Fate

‘ I know I have forgotten something’ I hummed to myself gently.

Manoeuvring my way through the shopping app, half heartedly.

Really, In an ideal world I would reschedule my evening, alas, I must do as I am told.

Tomorrow marks my mothers 10th anniversary as esteemed CEO of her true child.

Her company adorns more attention from her than I ever could.

I sound bitter, I’m not. I have learnt that this is how things are now.

My mind easily wondering whilst I scrolled through my grocery screen.

As my mother’s celebration unfolds downstairs I shall need some food to occupy myself. Perks of living in a four story mansion with kitchens on every floor, I’m not forced to socialise. Albeit for some reason it makes all the difference still being in the house, just in case anyone asks about her only child, not that they ever do.

I tap away, thoughtlessly, adding anything and everything to my cart. Just so I know I have the essentials for a night hiding on the 3rd floor away from the theatrics and unnecessary displays of wealth.

As I place my phone down, having scheduled my food delivery for first thing in the morning, I lay my head on my pillow. Closing my eyes I find myself easily drifting off to sleep.

*bling bling*

The sound of my morning alarm waking me.

I sigh as I swing my legs out of bed, sliding them into my slippers.

Checking my phone, I see that my food parcel has been left in the lobby, taken in by one of the staff.

My mind flittered through the series of events of the day, as I made my way through the hallways towards the stairs.

‘Hopefully she doesn’t get too drunk’ I muse to myself.

Reminiscing about the time my mother had one too many wines; finding herself leading her bemused guests all through the house in an attempt to show off her hoards of statues, and needlessly large mirrors.

Stopped in my train of thought, I reach the main lobby on the first floor.

My eyes drawn to the large brown bag on the floor. Not paying too much mind to where the staff member was that brought it in for me, I approached the bag and went to lift it up.

As my fingers reached for it, I recoiled in shock. Whatever was enclosed inside felt..warm and soft.

Quickly I stole glances down the other corridors. No one in sight.

I checked my phone, comparing the logo of the supermarket to the logo on the package in-front of me. Clearly the same.

Puzzled, I stepped closer to the bag. As my foot left the ground I saw it move.

I hesitated for a mere second before gathering myself and kneeling infront of it.

My breathing, admittedly, became irregular with my nervousness.

Stealing glances around me whenever I could to check no one was around me.

Gently, I attempted to open the top of the bag, stapled shut.

Again, it moved ever so slightly.

Curiosity overcame me more than anxiety by this point.

As my fingers pursed the top of the bag, I heard a noise come from inside it that sent a wave of electric excitement through me.

Without hesitation I grasped the bag and ran as fast as I could towards the floor I had adopted for the evening.

Every step I took, feeling the bag against me, I felt some clarity as to what the contents could be. The wriggling and warmth becoming more apparent the faster I moved.

Hearing my heart thumping in my ears, I burst through the bedroom door, placing my new found, precious cargo onto the bed, taking a step back from it for a moment; I stared.

‘It couldn’t be, surely’ Completely overcome with confusion, I gathered myself and tore open the top of the bag.

I couldn’t help the gasp that escaped me. Taking in all I could of the contents of the bag.

As quickly as the excitement coursed through me, it ended suddenly.

My blood ran cold as a realisation took over me. The contents of this bag having a darker tone that what I originally thought.

You see, upon first inspection, this parcel contained three black and white kittens, so small, their eyes barely opening. The sickening part of this discovery was that also in this bag, placed almost menacingly, was a large rock.

Clearly the mix up so great, had saved these sweet kittens from a callous fate.

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