(This is a part of one of my main books that sort of aligns with this prompt. For context, Lola is heavily pregnant and on a train with her brother and about 6 other people, in getting on this train they all lost their memory and discover that the train won't stop.)

All this stress isn't good for the baby. Although she's not sure what is or is not good for it any more. She doesn't even know the sex. It could be twins. It could be sick. She could be about to pop. And with the way her brother (and everyone else for that matter) is looking at her, that doesn't seem too far fetched.

In an attempt to stop her anxiety before it starts, she goes on her phone. She scrolls through her contacts, looking for the father. Her heart skips a beat when she sees the name 'Sam' with a baby emoji- that must be him! She clicks on his name and an unsent message appears. It reads:

Dear Sam,

Im sorry I have kept this from you for so long but I really don't know what to say. Our time together was so short and it's obvious why we didn't work out. I want you to know that im not asking anything of you but i believe that you are the father of my baby-

'Sheesh girl! You were going to tell him that over a text!' Lola thinks, cringing over her past self and glad she didn't send it.

But that answers her question.

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