Life Without You

Life without you

Feels like diving to the bottom of the ocean

Without any gear

All the oxygen ripped from my lungs

Every vessel in my body feeling like it could implode at any moment

Life without you

Feels like being stranded in the middle of the desert

Without any water

Desperately beside myself

Longing for something too far out of my reach

Life without you

Feels like being the new kid in school

The territory around you is new and unfamiliar

You long for the face you once knew

Only to find 20 new ones staring judgment and pity straight through you

Life without you

Feels unmanageable


Like breaking every bone in your body at once

Unable to move

Everything you long for no longer in your grasp

Life without you

Doesn’t make sense

It’s every possible bad thing that can happen to a person

All rolled up and smashed into one huge ball

Life without you

I can’t deal with at all

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