Slow and steady

“Don’t rush me. I’m be as careful as I can,” I said to my friend. “But you’re sooooo slow!!” I know I am slow, but this process takes skill and care, it should not be rushed.

My friend was bouncing around, so impatient. “You are distracting me,” I stated, “can you sit down? Just until I am finished.”

“But I want this done nooooow,” he whined. Why were we friends again?

Trying to block him out of my mind, I turned back to the task at hand. True, I started to go a little slower, to annoy my friend, but that’s part of my nature as well. I’m just an ass sometimes.

My friend clearly was to impatient, or he was distracted, because he hopped off. Good. Now I can get this completed.

It’s not easy being a tortoise and trying to get the flux capacitor working again. Especially when your hare friend is hopping around like a caffeinated...well, hare.

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