After all that got destroyed

When things rushed passed our sides,

When winds pushed the most glued rocks,

Trying to make us two fall,

We survived.

It’s not about the strongness in our arms

It’s not that we held on to a door

But that our hearts, eyes, and faith

Broke through facts and all logic ways.

We’re looking at the past standing firm with a smile.

After all that happened,

We’re together and Alive.

Love is strong. It breaks the impossible to make what it wants possible.

No matter what others throw,

No matter what they all gossip,

At the end we’ll survive because yea,

God’s on our side.

You can all try to harm us,

But a destruction you’ll become.

You’ll be the pieces of my backyard,

Who weren’t able to hold on to the gate.

You’ll be the very bottom of a bridge,

That had everything fall on it.

You’ll be the injured bodies that lost their loved ones thanks to their own mistakes.


Because you didn’t listen to a phrase.

I warned you of everything

You saw,

You heard,

But didn’t make a simple decision.

Thank you though,

Thanks to everyone,

I’m holding hands with a person who decided to fight and not run.

With a person who trusts me and fought for our love.

Not our lives, our love.

Then, love saved our lives.

I’m so grateful we survived

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