Adelaide’s idea

Adelaide settled on talking to her shadow, who was very wise. The girl enjoyed the company of others but it was never as refreshing as the sickening comfort of the dark friend that sunk into her bones.

“What will I do, shadow?” she asked, making sure to maintain politeness.

~you have no choice but to play with his feelings too, young adelaide ~, grinned the abyssal presence.

“But, shadow, would that not be rather rude?” ~to reject your love was insulting too, dear~ it reminded, lacing what seemed to be fingers with hers. ~we shall coat our words in honey and then stab his back, and when he is vulnerable we can torture him slowly~ Adelaide’s shadow was growing aroused by the mention of sin with each syllable, a tongue-like shape hanging out of the hole in its “face”

When the creature noticed the discontentment in Adelaide’s reaction he recollected himself quickly. ~oh, sweet untainted adelaide. you know i could never do something to harm you! after all, i am a but part of you giving some much needed advice. these thoughts are your thoughts and you must act on them at once!~

The girl, whose age a delicate 9, grinned in realisation. “We must attack now” she breathed, her rosy cheeks pinned in a deadly smile. She felt her companion slide into her bones and she gave a satisfied shudder.

~good girl adelaide ~

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